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How First-Time Home Buyer Programs Work

How First-Time Home Buyer Programs Work | Mortgage Maestro

As a Colorado mortgage broker, we spend a lot of time talking about first-time home buyer’s mortgages. They have been around long enough that it is easy for us to assume that everybody knows what they are. But reality tells a different story. We frequently work with first-time buyers who have no idea that there […]

Everybody Wins with a Higher Down Payment

Everybody Wins with a Higher Down Payment | Mortgage Maestro

Mortgage brokers and lenders alike encourage buyers to come in with higher down payments. Still, we get the fact that coming up with a sizable down payment is one of the most difficult tasks a home buyer has. So why do we suggest saving as big a down payment as possible? Because higher down payments […]

First Time Home Buyer Programs in Colorado – Explained

First Time Home Buyer Programs in Colorado - Explained | Mortgage Maestro

Dreaming about buying a first home can be exciting. As for the experience itself, it is often more challenging than first time home buyers expect. Among the many challenges are coming up with a down payment, figuring out a realistic budget, and making all the numbers work. A good mortgage broker can help you figure […]

What Is the Difference Between a Home Inspection and an Appraisal

Home Inspection vs. Home Appraisal | Mortgage Maestro

Buying a house represents a significant financial investment. The buyer wants to protect that investment. Guess what? So does the buyer’s mortgage lender. Enter the home inspection and appraisal. Though the two are similar in some ways, they are also quite a bit different. Knowing the details of each one is important, especially to first-time […]

3 Things You Need to Know in a Shifting Real Estate Market

Whether you are thinking of selling your house or buying a home, today’s real estate headlines can be confusing – perhaps even concerning. What is happening with mortgage rates? Are home values dropping or are they just rising at a slower pace? What impact will the economy have on the housing market? If you are […]

Here’s how that Fed rate hike will impact you

With the Federal Reserve’s latest quarter-point (.25%) interest rate increase, the central bank officials now forecast two hikes next year, down from three rate raises previously projected.  The decision affects rates on all kinds of borrowing, from home mortgages to credit cards.  An increase to interest rates usually causes consumer interest rates to rise, but the […]

6 Ways to Share the Spirit of the Season Now — Starting From Home

It’s Never Too Late To Become A Secret Santa You probably don’t have to look far to find someone who could benefit from a gift or kind gesture this time of year. Try one (or all) of these ideas 6 inspirational ideas for sharing the season with those closest to home. 1. HOST A COOKIE AND […]

Starter home or could it be more?

Today I came across an article in titled “how to deal when you’re stuck in your starter home”¹.  This struck a chord and spoke to me. My husband and I were literally talking about this exact same topic on our way into the office this morning.  We bought our home “starter home” in May […]

5 Things to do this weekend- October 19-21, 2018

5 Things To Do This Weekend There is always something fun to do in this beautiful state of Colorado.  You can enjoy the outdoors, the parks, the breweries, the local restaurants, and all the local communities events.  Here is a list of some local activities going on this weekend. Halloween Harvest Festival– Saturday, Oct. 20th-Downtown Westminster, […]

Home Affordability-What is the cost of waiting?

Home Affordability Always the biggest question when someone is looking to buy a home.  “How much do I qualify for”? The true question you are asking is “what is my home affordability?”.   Per, Affordable: Adjective 1. That can be afforded; believed to be within one’s financial means: noun 2. Usually affordable. Items expenses,etc., […]

Looking to purchase, consider buying from your landlord

Are you looking to purchase?  Have you considered buying from your current landlord Back in 2015, when the market was in its “blast off” stages, we published a column on how it was a viable investment to buy your landlords house; the house that you are currently renting. Click here to check out the previous […]

4 Fun things to do this weekend in and around Denver, August 10-12, 2018

We have found you 4 fun things to do this weekend in and around Denver.  As summer is winding down and the last of the outdoor events are coming up!  Let’s take a look at what you can do this weekend. Friday, August 10th Ramen Throw Down at The Hangar at Stanley– Tonight @ 5:00 […]