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Mortgage Calculators Explain Your Buying Potential

Mortgage Calculators Can Explain Buying Potential | Mortgage Maestro

You are in the early stages of buying a new home. You have decided a new home is what you want, and you have both a mortgage broker and real estate agent in mind. Your biggest question right now is how much house you can afford. You would like to have some baseline figures before […]

Own Your Mortgage Journey: 4 tips to guide your 2024 mortgage pre-approval

Couple with keys to first home

Spring in 2024 is blooming, and with it, the dreams of homeownership. But before you dive headfirst into house hunting, there’s one crucial step: mortgage pre-approval. Our mortgage pre-approval guide for 2024 is your golden ticket gives you an edge in a competitive market, but navigating the process can feel like a labyrinth. Don’t worry, […]

Mortgage Calculator Malfunction

Looking for a mortgage calculator to give you the magic answer?  What exactly is the magic answer?  The answer you are looking for is seeing how much home you can afford. What amount are you pre-qualified for to purchase? What the mortgage calculator doesn’t give you is the expected interest rate for you. Same for […]