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Lowest mortgage rates, guaranteed?

Lowest mortgage rates, guaranteed?

So I was online this evening, and noticed this interesting banner ad with a mortgage rate that as a Denver mortgage lender, I knew to be inaccurate. So I decided to take the ride. I clicked on the link and dove in. The rates seemed phenomenal. Almost to good to be true. Heck , sign me up! So I decided to Google their reviews. Interestingly they had negative information of  two stars or below on 86% of their reviews. This was a consumer affairs website, mind you, and was for 234 reviews. Didn’t seem to be saving America as it may have appeared.

Based on many of the responses (86%) it sounds like all that glitters is not gold. Watch out when you are shopping for a mortgage lender. Being enticed by an offer of a low interest rate, can be costly. Are you willing to risk your earnest money? Closing on your new  home on time? Closing on your home at all? If you are willing to put your largest financial investment at risk for potentially a few dollars lower in closing costs or the appearance of a lower rate, be careful. Can the lender answer your questions? Do you feel confident? You obviously have been researching online, and have probably picked up some of your own knowledge about the process along the way.

You can absolutely find a lender online. I work with clients daily who start their searches online. We are different, and more importantly to you, we are local. You can come to our office and sit and discuss your situation if you need. While you are reading this you may not have dealt with us yet. However, with over 25 years of combined experience on my immediate team, I can tell you we have seen it all at this point. We have likely dealt with a situation similar to yours. We have a 99.9% closing ratio, so when we issue a pre-approval letter you can effectively be rest assured we will get you to the closing table.

Our process is efficient, so by the time the underwriter has reviewed your application we will have obtained 90% of what they need, knowing the last 10% is always up to an underwriter because they are delegated to sign off on your final approval for closing on your home. We know the loan programs, and talk strategies with you about your families goals. This will ensure that you are not only getting into the right mortgage for now, but also into the future.

So when shopping lenders keep all of this in mind, and also know there are 26 variables that go into determining your interest rate. Make sure you are also shopping experience, and feel confident in who your lender is. Our clients come back, and after all these years and clients, that must say something~ We are truly blessed to have such loyalty from our growing family of clients.

If you have questions about your situation give me a call direct 303-779-0591 x101~ You can also apply online, here is also a great list of financials to organize for an efficient process as well.

Happy house hunting!

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